Woolwich House


  • Interiors

Woolwich, NSW



This home, with its strong architectural envelope, makes a stunning contemporary architectural statement while acknowledging its traditional context.

The timeless interior spaces are designed for durability and modern family living.  The contemporary pavilion offers a comfortable multipurpose space with three focal points; the water view, fireplace and internal courtyard. The play of light with the material volume is accentuated between the original grand sandstone house and the light-weight floating pavilion.

The private Library, Sitting Room and Formal Dining with expansive entrance and hallway have harmonious proportions and symmetrical compositions. The palette of materials of warm timbers, cool concrete, original sandstone and natural soft furnishings provide a clean backdrop for the client’s artworks and artefacts, while hand finished stucco waxed walls and aged brass, hand-sewn leather detailing and custom joinery, reinforce this family’s appreciation of the arts and fine craftsmanship. Sustainable low impact materials include Salvatore tile, Listone Giordano floating floor and natural sisal flooring.

Architecture by TKD Architects

Interior Design by TKD Architects with Hare + Klein

Interior Decoration by Hare + Klein