Waterbrook at Wahroonga


  • Multiple Residential

Wahroonga NSW



The Waterbrook development provides high quality ‘resort’ style accommodation for seniors living that sits comfortably within an existing high quality residential setting.

The proposal includes the restoration of the existing heritage listed building, ‘Rippon Grange’, within its restored landscape setting, along with the (modified) restoration of the existing pool and former stables building, all for use as common facilities for the residents. The proposal also includes four new residential buildings to accommodate the residents in a variety of self contained apartments.

The design provides contemporary, quality apartments and spaces within sustainable buildings that exceed the requirements of the SEPP – Seniors Living. All apartments are generously sized and provided with good solar access and useable outdoor spaces.

The proposal breaks up the bulk of the accommodation over a number of discretely sited buildings, with the scale and language appropriate to the specific location. The scale of the buildings is broken up by the use of varying balconies, steps in plan and plane, plinths, setbacks and changes in materials and colours within a limited palette of materials. The materials and finishes include stone, face brick, rendered and painted masonry, metal cladding, new timber and steel framed balconies and aluminium and timber screens. These have all been selected to provide a quality, durable and low maintenance palette of materials that relate to the existing building and blend with the landscape setting.

The main building, ‘Rippon Grange’, will be retained and restored as a focal point of the development, both visually and functionally with existing key spaces dedicated for residents’ common facilities and uses, and the existing ground floor corridor as the key organisational spine linking to the new building and entry.