WSU Student Precinct


  • Education
  • Hospitality

Parramatta NSW

Western Sydney University


This project provides an upgraded and high quality public domain forming the new collective centre to the Parramatta campus. It provides an appropriate gathering and meeting place which allows the appreciation of the extensive heritage values on the site. Joining this central space is a series of connections to a rationalised path system linking major university functions including the library and teaching areas with the public space of the campus.

At the centre of the projects is the adaptive reuse of the 1894 Boiler House, which is critical to the success of the Student Precinct as it activates the central plaza that connects all major student centred activities – teaching, library, retail and hospitality. The Boiler House is used as a major food service outlet for the University, which actively responds to the unique architectural character of the building housing a lively noodle bar that uses the motif of fire as a significant linkage to the former intensity of industrial use.