Spring Cove Apartments


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Spring Cove Manly NSW

Oakstand + Denwol


The Spring Cove Apartments are a new multi-residential development on the southern side of the St Patricks Estate.

Spring Cove Apartments interiors are inextricably bound to building form, the surrounding landscape and broader harbour context – controlled northern sun and southern harbour views from living spaces, with the scent of native flowers and bushland.

Spring Cove Apartments demonstrate considered design and function, highly respective of the site location and including modern conveniences and services as demanded by a premium multi-residential development. The spaces can be lived in sustainably, simply and comfortably, relating to the site as would a beach house, with abundant natural light and salt laden breezes.

From the outset, the client was open to explore all opportunities and push the boundaries, extending their own design expectations and reaching beyond the obvious. The outcome is one where opportunity was embraced by both client and designer.