Bella Vista Public School


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Bella Vista, NSW

NSW Department of Education


This project is a joint venture between the Department of Education and the Hills Shire Council.

Located approximately 36km from the Sydney CBD, the site is located within new Urban Activation Precinct (UAP) with a forecast in growth of approximately 4,400 homes over the next 4 years.

The primary school comprises of 40 homebases including 3 special needs facilities and is designed for 1000 students. TKD Architects worked with a specialist educational consultant to design learning spaces which are a departure from the departments old standards and based on new educational concepts for ‘Future Focused Learning’.

The building wings of the school radiate out from a central covered outdoor learning space, which forms an active and visible heart of the school. These wings also step down the sloping site to form a number of courtyard spaces with differing characters and opportunities to play.

The homebases are innovative in design and provide a range of flexible spaces facilitating differing modes of learning required in a contemporary school. Facilities at the school can be shared with the community. The School Hall and playing field, in particular, will be partly funded by the Council and will include 2 indoor basketball courts and a synthetic soccer field for training and weekend sport.