Southern Highlands House


  • Residential




Situated in Bowral, this project has transformed a neglected traditional cottage and gardens into a new, sophisticated rural retreat. The fabric of the cottage has been carefully renewed with open plan living spaces added to provide contemporary living facilities while maintaining the original cottage feel. The large and casual open-plan extension is carefully integrated with the existing house and provides an area where the residents’ family and friends can gather to relax or entertain. The new living spaces open up through a series of french and bi-fold doors to a contemporary version of a traditional verandah overlooking the new garden and to the broader landscape beyond.


Externally, the extension’s strong pitched roof form ties it back to the original house. Two large chimneys anchor the building in the landscape while the row of glazed french doors runs across the extension and continues along the existing living room wall, further integrating the addition. The new pergola works to provide intimate, yet generous, external spaces that are the critical link between the house and garden. Internally, the v-joint timber lined cathedral ceiling of the extension creates an uplifting, bright and airy space. A light-toned, neutral colour palette throughout introduces a contemporary feel into the traditional cottage. Clear-finished timber and stone accents add warmth and contrast to the house.