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Darlinghurst NSW

SCEGGS Darlinghurst


SCEGGS Darlinghurst Interim Libraries included the refurbishment of existing primary and secondary school libraries, expanding into old science, year 5 and Technology and Applied Studies (TAS) classrooms which had been vacated following completion of the Joan Freeman Science and Technology Centre.

The secondary school library was completely refurbished, doubling its original floor area by extending into an old science laboratory for a new Fiction collection, and taking over two year 5 classrooms to create a Non-Fiction collection and Research Classroom. At the heart of the library, a mezzanine floor was constructed around a double height space to create an atrium which features a sweeping timber veneer ceiling. New learning spaces include a multimedia library with private edit studio booths, platform seating for screening movies, research classrooms, a seminar room for private studying and new staff offices.

The primary school library expanded to enclose a breezeway adjoining a courtyard and an old biology classroom. The design embraces the courtyard setting using tree foliage screens which are suspended from the ceiling and circular curtains, semi- enclosing a private reading room.