Rushcutters Bay House


  • Residential

Rushcutters Bay NSW



Designed for the headmaster of one of Sydney’s oldest schools, this elegant and contemplative house achieves a fine balance. It is neither separate from the school nor entirely of the school. The cries of boys playing football might be heard in the distance on the nearby school playing fields. Yet, the house has formal and casual living spaces that give the headmaster a level of privacy and ability to step back into family and social life away from the challenges and triumphs of running a major educational institution.

A discreet street entrance opens to a vestibule with a large study giving a degree of privacy and allowing the headmaster to receive people on business without encroaching the private spaces of the house. Beyond the vestibule the formal living areas are revealed. A lofty double height library reaches up to the mezzanine of bedrooms and bathrooms. In front of the library is an elegant living room with an impressive fireplace. The kitchen and family areas have a more casual atmosphere responding to the detail of family life. Linking all the living areas together is a rambling north facing terrace that takes in the panorama of the playing fields.