Pearl Beach House


  • Residential

Pearl Beach NSW



This house at Pearl Beach on the NSW Central Coast extends on Tanner Kibble Denton Architects’ philosophy of layering living spaces in coastal homes, where unpleasant winds can disturb the relaxed beachside aspect. The house is designed around two separate living spaces linked by a breezeway which wraps around a sheltered north facing courtyard. This protected space complements the substantial beachside terrace, with the external and internal spaces designed to be compartmentalised and linked in various configurations, or opened up completely to each other and the outdoors. The breezeway is accessed by a series of doors that slide away completely providing a wonderful indoor/outdoor relationship between the courtyard and the interior living spaces.

The form of the house speaks to beach cottages of the past and draws on the materiality and texture of the original beach shacks nearby. Sandstone, timber and brass are used predominantly, with expansive glass doors to capture views and light completing the palette.

Bedrooms are located on the upper level and a guest suite is positioned on the ground floor with an adjacent batten and flyscreened enclosure enabling use of the space as an old fashioned sleep-out. Bathrooms are finished in handmade Spanish glazed terracotta tiles with a textured granite feature wall, while the kitchen works around a 4m long Calacatta Marble island bench.