Newtown House


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Newtown NSW



This 1860’s heritage listed Victorian timber cottage is the last of its kind located in Sydney’s inner west suburb of Newtown. The cottage, originally four rooms and a hallway with outbuildings, was full of character but lacked good living areas and had disproportionate space allocated to one enormous bathroom. The new owners sought to create a home for modern living capable of meeting their growing family needs while maintaining and enhancing its original character.

Relocating the bathroom allowed the lounge room to predominantly occupy the rear extension facing east and the kitchen/dining to expand into the area once occupied by the lounge. A new, fully glazed façade addresses the previously underutilized courtyard and outdoor space. This, along with skylights and high level glazing, increase the sense of space and provides a previously non-existent outdoor connection.  The carefully crafted first floor addition, concealed from the street by design, preserves the original hipped roof form and provides additional accommodation, addressing the clients expanding needs. Addressing the thermal comfort was an environmental requirement for the client and therefore passive solar design principles were applied to all new works.

TKD Architects’ heritage experts worked closely with City of Sydney Council who were highly supportive of the project design. Essential to the planning was maintaining the original cottage façade and designing the new attic extension as discreet as possible when viewed from the street. Inside, the use of minimalist plywood panelling offers striking contrast to the cottage’s textured ground floor level. The exceptional joinery delivers hidden timber sections with sliding walls, providing openings to channel light and nestling bathroom facilities cleverly into confined roof space. This is a brave yet discerning addition, which completely changes the character and use of the upstairs space.

Photography Credit: Katherine Lu