Mosman II House


  • Residential

Mosman, NSW



Mosman House sits calm and muted amongst the surrounding eucalyptus canopies and expansive water views. Capturing light, texture, natural materials and generosity in planning, the serene qualities of the place have been carefully complimented with the restrained material selections. Stepping down a steep slope created opportunities to reveal the house and the views in a prescribed sequence.

The journey begins with the crossing of a pond through a series of timber portals, along a bridge to the entry foyer.  Limewashed fluted timber walls, soft sheer curtains and dark stained floors provide a moment of pause, intended to heighten the visual impact of the water views when revealed.

Fluted timber is used as a textural element connecting vertically throughout the house, discretely concealing private and functional spaces and as an orientating element over the storeys.

Large skylights, full height glazing, white walls and dark floors diffuse the northerly light throughout the multi-level home. The joinery language is simple, consisting of primary forms and a notable absence of ornamentation. With a client requested black and white base, the layering of an understated palette primarily of smoked oak, pale oak and Carrara marble was added consistently to create a cohesive, uncomplicated finish.