• Residential

Hunters Hill NSW



With the objective of creating a new residential ensemble that allowed the historic character of ‘Lyndcote’ to be strengthened, this project refined several awkward additions that had occurred over many years. Through the amalgamation of two sites, there was the opportunity to recapture some of the original landscape setting and improve the connection between the interior of the house to the garden.

New additions enhance the original character of the house in a sympathetic composition of elements. The new pavilion and main house complement each other with an architectural expression of floating roofs, of grounding on a solid base and of cloistered connection to the old home. Contemporary design was central to the design of the interior elements. Where appropriate, a striking juxtaposition of elements has been created. A more traditional feel for the new home office is achieved with the richness of Brush Box timber floors and veneered joinery.

A striking modern insertion of the master ensuite glass ‘box’ into the old house is purposeful and discrete. Contained within the private realm of the bedroom, it is a clearly modern entity. The floor, cast bath and vanity are Romano Travertine stone. American Oak joinery complements the stone, while the full glassed mirrored wall reflects the glass mosaic tiles and carefully selected pendant lights while bringing the city and water views into the room.