Claremont House Apartments


  • Interiors
  • Multiple Residential

Sydney NSW



These unique apartments proudly celebrate open space and natural light to provide unique contemporary apartment living in the heart of The Rocks.

Located in the former Lawson Menzies House in The Rocks, the apartments were designed to have no impact on the existing building fabric and to allow the whole floor plate to be understood. To enable this feature, walls were not used. Instead, spaces created via the insertion of veneer clad bathrooms and service pods that act as ‘walls’ between spaces. Their placement allows views through the apartments leaving the concrete structure and masonry walls on show. The concrete structure has provided a framework for the new use with the central columns at the junction between sleeping and living spaces.

This reuse appreciates and retains for the future the building’s raw state, existing fabric and finishes complete with scratches, dents, blemishes and cracks earned from the past uses as a warehouse for Cadbury Fry Pascal and as auction rooms for Lawson Menzies.