Hunters Hill House


  • Residential

Hunters Hill NSW



This Californian bungalow in its newly purchased state, was not sufficient for the new owner’s growing family. The rear of the house was a warren of small isolated rooms, inappropriate for contemporary family living. These spaces were replaced by a simple spacious pavilion, one that provides contemporary facilities and connects to generous private outdoor spaces that the original house lacked.

In the additions, the steep pitch of the existing roof was echoed in the new twin gable roof housing the living, dining and kitchen area. The twin soaring raked ceilings create a volume of space that is both impressive and comfortable and the glassed gable ends of the main roof frame outstanding views, connecting the house to its landscape setting. Large cavity sliding doors open entirely, providing an immediate yet intimate connection between family living and the garden areas. The internal connection to the existing house was key to the success of the renewal. This connection is provided via an enfilade of rooms, connecting the key areas of the residence.

The materials used are sympathetic of the Hunters Hill character, mainly reflected in the stone and timber. Internally, Grey Iron Bark floors enrich the spaces and maintain the seamless progression between them. This simple palette of materials offset against white walls creates a home that is filled with light and a stunning backdrop for works of art and family treasures.