Goldstein Hall


  • Hospitality

Kensington NSW

University of NSW


The refurbishment of Goldstein Hall for continuing use by The Kensington Colleges had a primary focus – that being the complete renewal of the existing kitchen, servery, services, finishes and equipment to ensure it could provide the meals needed for an increased numbers of students. The student numbers are to increase from 400 up to 800 in 2014 with completion of the adjacent new residential colleges.

The project required the demolition of the 1960’s kitchen, servery and services and, due to space constraints, the design of a new kitchen in the existing location with some internal wall changes. The new kitchen is designed as a partial ‘cook-chill’/ cook-fresh’ system. This allows for cooking of some menu items in bulk that can then be chilled well in advance of consumption. This has assisted in the reduction of associated operational cost and staff numbers on weekends and for functions and increase productivity. Three large coolrooms and a freezer are provided in the kitchen area.

The new servery has been designed to meet the increased student numbers and for 3 meals per day being served over a 2 hour period. The original Dining Hall, complete with its original timber tables and bench seats had capacity for 432 and with careful planning has been increased to 472 seats. The new kitchen equipment, services and finishes have been designed to meet current regulations and standards. The project objectives of functionality and efficient operation of the kitchen and servery together with maximizing the seating in the Dining Hall has been achieved within the existing building.