Customs House


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Sydney NSW

City of Sydney


This project for the reworking of Customs House at Circular Quay in Sydney was a collaboration between a number of architects – PTW coordinating the overall project and subsequently responsible for the two commercial floors; Lacoste + Stevenson to design the library and information centre; and Tanner Kibble Denton Architects to redesign the colonnade and public square.

Customs House Square was reworked to a more intimate, semi-enclosed space, with new shade structures, trees and screen walls (incorporating historic cast iron panels) to each side, framing the formal view of the Customs House, and sheltering outdoor eating areas. The colonnade was opened up, as a gracious, sunny, public entity, with broad steps along its full frontage, allied with disabled access to each side, and leading to seven double doors, giving generous and easy access to the library/information centre. Cafe/bars occupy the two end pavilions which conclude the colonnade, and serve the outdoor dining facility in the square, and also the entry area of the library/information centre.