Cremorne House


  • Residential

Cremorne NSW



Our clients were drawn by the charm of the original federation house, but desired a house with a contemporary edge and required additional space for a growing family. TKD Architects design for this site sought to provide expanded contemporary living, sleeping and recreation spaces carefully integrated with the existing house.

A new upper level is towards the back of the house and is carefully modelled to engage with both street frontages and the revitalised backyard. Raked ceilings heighten the sense of space internally while reducing the ridge height externally – ensuring the house sits comfortably in the street scape. New elements within the existing house reference the existing scale and texture, but present a contemporary interpretation, providing a harmonious transition between old and new. A new clean lined timber stair is positioned at this transition point and is lit from above via a substantial glass roof panel.

A large terrace expands the living space outdoors, with cavity sliding doors blurring boundaries. Internally, the existing stained timber floor complements the subtle veining of the new marble floor and dark stained cedar timber battens are used in cladding, screens and built in seating to create warmth and a unifying focal point throughout. The luxurious ensuite becomes a retreat-like space, with its deep metallic tiled walls and floor softened by abundant mirrors reflecting the delicate glass pendant lights.