Coogee House


  • Interiors

Coogee NSW



This new house in Coogee in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs is structured around a water feature and double height dining space, making the most of this tight suburban site. Generosity of space is provided through the double height volume, allowing other secondary spaces to be more modest and intimate. The stair is a major element in the house and is designed to be a prominent architectural element, whilst still providing an intimate experience on the stair within the larger space.

The house employs timber extensively in framing, cladding, flooring and ceilings, adding a richness to the spaces and warmth, particularly in the upper levels where occupants are closest to theclear finished timber ceiling. A carefully detailed glass roofed pergola forms the major outdoor space – a space that has proved to be a true living space in itself, adding significantly to the size of the house.