Cherrybrook Technology HS


  • Education

Cherrybrook, NSW

NSW Department of Education


This Department of Education project is an expansion on the existing Cherrybrook Technology High School. The building design features large glass sliding walls to create larger, flexible spaces and allow learning spaces to open out onto wide covered verandahs. The new building has been located along the perimeter of the school in order to maximise the open outdoor play space available to students on a constrained site. The project includes:

• 3 visual arts general learning spaces
• kiln room
• 17 general learning spaces
• shared learning space
• practical activities area
• 3 seminar rooms
• multimedia workshop
• 2 multimedia general learning spaces
• a multimedia studio
• a laser cutter nook
• 2 science laboratories
• 5 science general learning spaces

Photography: Bokeh & Co Photography