Burradoo House


  • Residential

Burradoo NSW



Essential to the design of this home was the marriage of built form and the harmony of life. Our client, interested in psychology, art, music and mathematics allowed an indulgence via the exploration of traditional geometric theories generated out of the Golden Ratio and the Fibonacci numbers. Overlaid to this was the idea of the fluidity of musical structural form. The result is one where the main building forms have been positioned and shaped by geometric discipline and then detailing elements patterned by this with influence from musical themes.

The building form is one of simple pavilions held together and, at the same time, separated by strong wall elements. The house has the simple life philosophy – live/sleep/entertain and the 3 pavilions reflect this. The use of differing material palettes for each pavilion is to further reinforce these relationships.

Live is within a natural timber box that is connected to the site and the stand of gums outside the window.
Sleep is within brick solidity to be closed and secure.
Entertain is within a space that has the acoustic dynamic of rammed earth walls with openings sliced into them; and a ceiling designed and painted to provide drama and evoke emotion.

Disciplines of cost effectiveness, energy efficiency, environmental responsibility and practicality of use always controlled decisions about the materiality of the house. These were governed by our clients desire for a warm modern home capable of providing a sense of tranquility that can be equally at ease absorbing bursts of sound and activity.