Bronte House


  • Interiors

Bronte, NSW



At the Bronte House, a completely private, tranquil courtyard at the rear of the main living level has been created and the hallway through this level is very broad to act as a central street through the building linking both ends of the house and enabling adjacent spaces and vertical circulation to fluidly connect together.

The planning of rooms is generally open without any singular, cavernous spaces containing multiple uses. Each space has been given a distinct sense of enclosure through subtle off-sets to others, screen walls and cavity sliding doors and, most critically, a series of skylights which pierce the ceiling and create shafts of light to further define space within the house. Rooms which might have otherwise been given a lower priority for their link to this remarkable coastal setting are skilfully modulated to enable the occupants to stay connected to the external environment at all times. Windows in the master ensuite, study and pantry have been recessed and angled into the floor plate to bring ocean views, light and breezes deeper into the plan rather than simply looking out of the side walls over an adjacent property. The brief for this area of the house was for a ‘resort-like feel’.

Unlike many coastal houses there is a luxurious, urban feel to the materials and finishes throughout the exterior and interior of the house. Externally, dark grey, matt paint combined with walnut-stained cedar weatherboards set up a rich refinement in the palette which is carried through the interior with subtly toned timber veneers, Bedonia slab stone, dark brown stained timber floor boards, and the deep Fontainebleau stone encompassing the master ensuite. The consistency of tones through the house has been echoed in soft furnishings and even the client’s considered curation of art within each space.

The Bronte House has a calm, casual feel which isn’t precious. The pool and basement’s hard wearing finishes of spotted gum decking boards and blue stone tiles combined with exterior-grade fabric on the lounges help this family embrace the water and sand of their surrounds.