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The Brisbane City Hall was rededicated on 6 April 2013 after a comprehensive restoration program to conserve its significant spaces and fabric, to rectify its structural, fire and life safety deficits and to re-equip it for its role as the focus for Brisbane’s civic, cultural, and social events.

The revitalisation of the most significant heritage building in Queensland involved conservation and adaptation works; refurbishment of existing and new interior spaces; new building services; and the design of new components including new galleries for the Museum of Brisbane at roof level and new catering kitchen within an excavated basement.

The success of this project owes much to the design team’s understanding of the original design intent and program of the 1930s City Hall together with the potential of new technologies and materials. The introduced layers were removed to reveal the inherent qualities of the building including its natural lighting and ventilation. Contemporary technologies and materials were introduced to rectify and improve functional amenity. A simpler interior colour scheme was overlaid using a restricted palette of cool colours to enhance the original fabric of the building including marble, mosaic tile-work, silky oak joinery, bronzed coffered ceilings, decorative glazing and plasterwork.

The result showcases the building’s original architectural qualities and its new contemporary amenity thanks to the design team’s creative vision and perseverance.