Artisans Cottages


  • Multiple Residential

Little Bay NSW



This project at the former Prince Henry Hospital at Little Bay comprises the conservation and adaptation of the two remaining pairs of cottages from the Artisans Cottages Group. The project also included the construction of two new pairs of attached dwellings providing a total of eight dwellings all meeting contemporary standards for residential design while maintaining the significance of the group. Treated as one integrated development, the overall form and arrangement of the separate but inter-related buildings was recovered and represents a cohesive group.

The open setting of the cottages was significant in defining the existing linear arrangement and pattern of the ensemble. This pattern is especially discernable when the cottages are viewed from the west. The new development in the rear yards of the existing cottages was designed to ensure that there was no detrimental impact to the significance of the original buildings. Using best practice conservation standards to deliver contemporary, quality dwellings the overall complex retains and builds upon the character and key features of the existing heritage listed buildings, providing re-invigorated and more sustainable buildings linking the history of the site to its future.