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North Sydney, NSW

Australian Catholic University


As an important institute at ACU “The Institute for Positive Psychology & Education (IPPE) brings together the world’s leading researchers and theorists to conduct rigorous, multi-disciplinary research to: address critical educational and psychosocial issues.”

The fit-out at Australian Catholic University for IPPE is designed to facilitate creativity and provides a back drop for researchers and theorists to share and collaborate. The new home for IPPE brings the Institute together over 2 levels and with the collaborative hub located off the main welcome space. This flexible space will allow for the entire team to meet and will also be the venue for lunchtime TED type talks. This supports the IPPE ethos of collaboration and multi-disciplinary cross-pollination of ideas for positive change.

As the workplace is largely habited by Academics who are traditionally office based, TKD Architects have worked to loosen the footprint by including creative lounges at the ends of corridors and where staff pass and cross paths to allow for communication and to provide break out spaces away from the work place.

Lab spaces, an important part of the research function of IPPE are designed for flexibility and adaptability to adjust with the experimental and changing nature of the project based work.

Photography: Anthea Williamson