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Strathfield + North Sydney

Australian Catholic University


This project involves the interior fitout
of Level 13 of ACU’s Tenison Woods
House, in the North Sydney Campus.
It brings together separate parts of
the faculty in one building. This floor is
phase 1 of a 2 floor fitout.

The design is a move away from
cellular accommodation to some
offices. There is an increase in shared
or open office space, more visibility
across the floor and opportunities for
exapansion when required.

The floorplate features a welcome
space at the entry that will act as a
digitial and physical connection for the
students and the rest of the University.
Interview rooms provide an additional
oppurtunity for students to connect
with the faculty.

The breakout area doubles as a staff
meeting room which is a facility not
available at present for the faculty. It
will provide a centralised space for the
faculty to come together.

This project has coincided with
the completion of a Spatial &
Furniture Standards for workplace
accommodation across ACU. This
fitout starts to address cellular office
sizes, furniture allocation & finishes
which will evolve to become a
standard across the University.