30 The Bond


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Millers Point NSW

Lend Lease


Located on Hickson Road at Miller Point, The Bond is a comprehensive redevelopment that included the conservation and integration of the remaining elements from the former AGL gasworks. With the conservation and adaptation of the existing buildings and fabric to a new life as office accommodation, this project is an exemplar of corporate commitment to heritage conservation.

Initially a design excellence competition the urban design guidelines established in the Tanner Kibble Denton competition entry were adopted by Bovis Lend Lease for the subsequent commercial development.

The atrium space of the new building contains a surviving section of the sandstone abutment of the gasworks’ former coke lift. The coke lift erected to bridge Jenkins Street conveying coke from the gasworks site to the Kent Street coke yard site above.

The exposed rock face and sandstone retaining walls in the new atrium space acknowledge the history of the site and physically integrates a significant element into this exciting new building