Female Orphan School

The female orphan school was opened on September 24 2013 by the Governor General upon the completion of the final stage. After over 10 years and 4 stages, this historic place is now a major cultural facility on the Parramatta campus of the University of Western Sydney, and is the new permanent home for the Whitlam Institute and Prime Ministerial library.

The Female Orphan School is an integral part the University of Western Sydney. With new cultural uses, including the Whitlam Institute, it is once again a vital part of the community.  The revitalisation of this place reveals the rich layers of meaning and history in a way that is easily understood and offers connections to contemporary Australian society.  For us, this is the critical measure of success of the adaptation of a building.

Tanner Kibble Denton Architects has been associated with The Female Orphan School project for many years, commencing with a conservation management plan in 1999.  This nationally significant place has been carefully investigated by our team in all phases of the renewal process.  We are proud of the dedication of our teams over many years, achieving an informed and appropriate response in conservation and adaptation, which is evident in this final stage and the completion of the project.